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Monthly Archives: August 2008

The car features a 6.1-litre 60° BMW S70 V12 engine and it was conceived as an exercise in creating what its designers hoped would be considered the ultimate road car. Only 107 cars were manufactured, 64 of those were street versions (F1), 5 were LMs, 3 were longtail roadcars (GT), 5 prototypes (XP), 28 racecars (GTR), and 1 LM prototype (XP LM). Production began in 1992 and ended in 1998. The standard McLaren F1 can reach 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 240.3 mp.


the saleen s7 has a 7.0 L naturally-aspirated v8 engine. it has 750 horsepower under the hood of the car. it goes 0 to 60 in 3.2 sec. the top speed of the saleen s7 is 248 mph.  it weighs in at 2750 lbs.  in the city it gets 10 mpg and on the highway it gets 17 mpg.

the top speed for the Bugatti is 253.81 mph. On the highway it does 10 mpg, the city it does 7mpg, but at top speed it does 3 mpg. The Bugatti goes 0 to 60 in 2.46 sec. It has a  W16 8.0 liter. Body style 2 dooor coupe.The founder of bugatti was Ettore Bugatti.

i am going to be talking about my three favorite cars. the first car im going to be talking about is the Bugatti Veyron Targa. the second car i want to talk about is the Salleen s7. The final car i would like to talk about is the Mclaren F1. I am going to compare the engine sizes, horse power, weight of the car, gas mileage, top speed, and 0 to 60 in how many seconds.

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